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Origami E.T the extra terrestrial!

I was wacthing star wars episode 1, and then I noticed that E.T’s species was on the galactic Senate. I did a little research and there called Grebleips. So I decided to make a origami Grebleip or E.T. The arms

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Origami Nien Nunb with body!

The head was one piece from Toms instructions, so I decided to add red body with a black vest and a belt. The finale project came out great! This pieace of origami was inspierd by SF Zod and his Nien

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Welcome to my new site with Origami Darth Maul!

Hi welcome to my site were I will post my origami for you!I hope you enjoy This is a origami Darth Maul that I folded from the chapter “dwight files” in The “secret of the fortune wookie.”

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